Our Mission


The Cimplx™ ACA Mission

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is a highly complicated piece of legislation. Employers could easily spend years studying this document and still not fully understand it. For those who have come to some understanding, it quickly becomes apparent that there is a great deal of tracking involved regarding dates and times, hours worked, wages earned, and the employee status at any point in time. Employers need something easy to understand that involves minimal data entry. Cimplx allows employers to effectively manage Affordable Care Act requirements without having to be an expert.

Our Inspiration

Since the introduction of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Cimplx has made it our business to turn a complex requirement into a simple, painless process for employers, large and small.  We wanted to build highly intuitive solutions so that those with little or no knowledge of laws, could quickly learn and use them to painlessly complete all required tasks to meet ACA regulations for compliance.

The Challenge

Employers must first decide if they have full time employees and, if so, should they offer these employees qualified group health insurance plans to fully meet the required Minimum Value checkboxes specified in the Affordable Care Act, or offer the less qualified, Minimal Essential Coverage. On the surface this may not seem so complicated but in true government fashion this process is extremely complex and requires a great deal of knowledge about the law. The IRS mandates these decisions by assessing penalties on employers for noncompliance, which may add up to very significant sums each year if not properly managed and documented.

Our Solution

Cimplx ACA suite of solutions were designed to provide the right product to meet individual employer needs and resource constraints.  They assist employers with mitigating the risk of IRS penalties, accurately filing the required ACA tax forms and maintaining access and control over employee data.  In addition, our world-class client support teams will train and assist employers through the filing and reporting process, and throughout the year. True to our inspiration, our software allows a relatively novice individual to make simple decisions, ensuring each employee is properly tracked, documented and positioned to address all employer ACA requirements.